Who we are

Meet two brothers and the team around them.


Jesse Schumann


Jesse started baking professionally in 2009 while attending the San Francisco Baking Institute.  Before that, he spent a few years working in Oregon politics. After finishing his baking degree, Jesse bounced around the Northwest, working at various small bakeries. When Sea Wolf launched in early 2014, Jesse did a little bit of everything in the kitchen. These days, he mostly handles the bookkeeping and manages the business side of things.

As it turns out, the things Jesse enjoys most about baking are also the things he enjoys most about running a business. Through repetition and methodical practice, he gets to personally craft and refine a product that seems endlessly improvable.  Definitely, his most unanticipated and greatest pleasure in running the business is seeing and hearing from happy employees and customers. He feels a tremendous sense of responsibility to both.

If he isn’t at Sea Wolf, Jesse is on Bainbridge Island spending time with his wife at their home, reading, and putzing around the house.


Kit Schumann


Kit spent six years prior to opening Sea Wolf cooking and baking in NW Washington, primarily in Seattle. He spends his days either talking about bread and the baking process with staff and customers or talking with his brother about how to manage a bakery. As Sea Wolf grows and becomes more complicated and as his role in the bakery also changes he still enjoys the fundamental work at hand, which is the same as it ever has been. Mixing, shaping and baking bread.

Kit tries to bring the creativity of the kitchen into the bakery and to have Sea Wolf reflect the season's change through the different vegetables & fruits as they appear in the markets. 

Any free time Kit gets, he spends outside of Seattle with his partner and their pug, preferably in the garden.


Jennifer Bender

Wholesale Manager

Jen serves as the main point of connection between Sea Wolf’s 20+ wholesale clients and back of house production. She helps new and current wholesale accounts place orders, understand Sea Wolf products, and get their orders delivered on time. Jen sees her role as an extension of each account holder's team. She works closely with you to get you exactly what you need. She also delivers a few days a week allowing her the opportunity to connect face to face. Such a treat!

Jen loves everything about being a part of Sea Wolf: the variety and autonomy of her day, her fantastic team members, and most of all, developing relationships and getting people what they need, when they need it. Meeting with Seattle area chefs and getting to know people to support their businesses around town makes her feel the real depth and value of her job.

When she isn’t shepherding hundreds of loaves of bread to the far reaches of the city, Jen navigates the extremely fulfilling and simultaneously heartbreaking experience of being a single mother of two young adults, both amazing people, who are taking very different paths in life. Otherwise she enjoys Crossfit, outrigger canoe paddling in summer, cultivating a life of gratitude, keeping an eye on the Puget Sound orca population, reading, drawing, painting, and slowly developing a secret love of writing. Watch for her forthcoming book. Kidding? Not kidding!


Claire Frazer

Bakery Manager

As Bakery Manger, Claire oversees production logistics and communicates with Kit, Jesse, and Jennifer about changes and improvements to bakery systems and recipes.  She also manages the baking staff, handling training, scheduling, and the dynamics of a sleep-deprived yet engaged group of bakers. She attempts to serve as an intermediary between Kit’s excited creativity and Jesse’s methodic high standards. As Claire manages the baking team, she also spends four days a week working in the bakery: a couple of the coveted early baking shifts, a pastry shift, and a shaping shift. 

Claire loves the demanding process, both intellectually and physically, of making bread and pastry. She revels in developing a deeper understanding of the many variables affecting the final product.  

When not at Sea Wolf, Claire fly-fishes, journals, tries new recipes, and sweats off all those croissants by playing soccer.