Photo by Stephanie Eburah

 RETAIL CUSTOMERS - We are open everyday (7am - 3pm) for bread, pastry, and drip coffee.

We are located in the back corner of the courtyard at 3621 Stone Way N Seattle, WA 98103.

Additionally, Sea Wolf white sourdough, rye bread, and seeded bread are available at the Sand Point Metropolitan Market and white sourdough, lye rolls, rye and baguette are available at Little Lago Italian Grocer in Portage Bay seven days a week.

WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS - If you're interested in carrying our bread, just drop us an email at

For non-bread needs contact us at

Sea Wolf bread is currently featured on the menu at: The Whale Wins on Stone Way N; The Walrus and The CarpenterBarnacleMean Sandwich and Pork Chop & Co. in Ballard; The Dane in Crown Hill; St. Helens in Laurelhurst; Bar MelusineBateauHarry's Fine FoodsHonor Society Coffee and Juicebox on Capitol Hill; Vif Wine | Coffee in Fremont; MBar in South Lake Union; Le Caviste, Circadia and RN74 in downtown; Cherry Street Public House in Pioneer Square; Bounty KitchenHow To Cook A Wolf, and Eden Hill on Queen Anne; and Preserve and Gather in Greenwood.

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