Frequently Asked Questions

When is Sea Wolf closed?

Sea Wolf is closed for retail sales, special order, and wholesale on the following dates in 2019:

  • January 1

  • July 4 - 5

  • August 31 - September 2

  • November 28 - 30

  • December 24 - 27

To make sure you get the bread and pastry you want on a holiday weekend, consider placing an order 2 days in advance.

What is the significance of the name “Sea Wolf”?

Sea Wolf is the title of a Jack London novel published in 1904. Also, the Pacific Northwest is home to badass sea wolves who prowl the coastlines of Vancouver Island, coastlines alongside which Kit and Jesse kayaked with their family.

What nuts or common allergens are in your products?

Sea Wolf does not use tree nuts or peanuts in any of its bread or pastry products. We do our best to keep nuts out of the bakery entirely, but do not prohibit staff from carefully snacking on nuts nor do we check our products for cross-contamination

Some of our breads have dairy products, others do not. Details about what ingredients are in each bread are available on the menu.

Why is there a hole in the Wolf?

The hole in the Wolf was inspired by whaling stamps that Kit and Tesha viewed on a family vacation in Hawaii.

Can I call ahead and have bread set aside for me?

Because we experience high demand from walk-in customers, we cannot set aside bread for customers who call in the day they are going to come in. If you call, we can let you know what is still currently available on the shelves. To place an order 2 days in advance, call the bakery and we’ll set everything aside for you ahead of time.

Where does your flour come from?

Our all-purpose white flour is from Shepherd’s Grain. Our rye flour, rye berries, and whole wheat flour are from Cairnspring Mills in Burlington, WA. Our barley flour is from Fairhaven Mills in Burlington, WA.

Is the lye roll like a pretzel roll?

One might refer to the lye roll as a “pretzel roll”, but because the rolls do not have a classic pretzel shape, they are not in the strictest sense a “pretzel”.  

Do you make anything gluten free?

No. All our breads and pastry products contain either Hard Red Wheat Flour or Rye Flour. Both rye and wheat contain the protein known as gluten.