We partner with Seattle’s wonderful food writing hub Book Larder to offer a number of baking classes each month. Classes are an important way in which we connect with our community and share the pleasure and challenges of our industry. Each class is limited to ten participants. Spots fill up early!


Sourdough 101

This hands-on class teaches the key points of bread baking: hand mixing and folding, shaping, proofing and baking. Using the cast iron method, you'll bake bread in the Sea Wolf ovens, observing what a fully proofed loaf looks like before it goes into the oven. You'll also cover the basics of a liquid sourdough starter, including an appropriate feeding schedule. Everyone will leave the class with their own sample of sourdough starter, a recipe for Sea Wolf's white sourdough bread, a wicker proofing basket, and a Sea Wolf tea towel.



This hands-on class teaches the key points of pretzel-making, including tips for making a lye solution at home, various shapes, and toppings.  Students will participate in the entire process, from mixing to shaping to dipping, topping, and, finally, baking their own pretzels. Each participant will take home pretzels they have shaped and baked in-class as well as dough they have mixed and pretzel salt for topping.